Memorial Park Bowling Club
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Bowls have been played in the town for centuries and records show that the "byasse bowls" was a favourite game three hundred years ago when the locals played on a level part of the old Ballgreen... Maybole, Carrick's Capital by  James T. Gray (for more of the history of bowling in Maybole see the end of this page.) Photos contributed by Norman MacIntyre.
President's wife Rhea Ramage threw the jack to start a new season at Maybole Memorial Park Bowling Club, as husband John and members looked on. ( May 2002)

Memorial Park Bowling Club from an earlier time.

Memorial Park Bowling Club from an earlier time.
Club with Provost Dunlop Club with Provost James Gray Club with Provost Macrae
Club with Provost Dunlop 60th Anniversay  

To begin with it was rather crude by today's standards but Minniebolers grew so enamoured of the game they finally formed a proper green in the New Yards and the Maybole Bowling Club opened with a flourish in 1848. The members were strong opponents to meet at any time and often made their mark in the Glasgow-Ayrshire matches, the Gold Bowl and other matches played against clubs in the district. The Club has continued as a private club since it was formed although the members from time to time have found it difficult to carry on. It was recently decided that lady members could join, and with their help it is hoped it will continue for generations to come After the 1914-18 War when the Memorial Park was formed, the Town Council formed a public bowling green in it, for members of both sexes, and this club has a good membership and can often trounce the older club in the local bowling Derby.

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