Carrick 800
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gala6-30-2000.jpg (69008 bytes)In 1186 Carrick split from Galloway. A celebration of the 800th anniversary of Carrick becoming an independent part of Scotland brought together many individuals from all over the south of Ayrshire. A special ecumenical service was held at Crossraguel Abbey, probably the first service of any kind in over 300 years and almost certainly the first with all denominations present. A magnificent pageant was held at Culzean Castle and a group set up to re-enact a famous battle is still in existence today - strangely enough called the Carrick 800 Battle Re-enactment Society! Members bring alive Scottish history in their spare time and tour schools with their re-enactments. Below is the programme from June of 1987 and other photos of the group. Click on the images to see full size pictures. See page 2  and page 3 for more photos.

Poster for 2001

Click here for 2000 poster.

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Pageant Programme

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