Maybole Charity Shop
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Charity Shop committee. Left to right: Margaret McGawn, Marianne McCreadie, Minnie Gallacher, Pearl Barton and Stella McEwan.

dave.jpg (86440 bytes)Report for AGM of the Maybole Charity Shop March 19th 2001 by Stella McEwan, Chairperson of the Executive Committee.

I would like to welcome and thank everyone for coming to this meeting.

Once again the shop was fully booked for the year and there is only one week vacant for 2001. The Committee members have been very supportive to all the organisations, some of them spending a full week in the shop helping.

We took over the recycling of unwanted goods from May-Tag last year. About the same time we had a request from Rev. David Whiteman for clothes, shoes, household items etc for deprived countries such as Russia, Bosnia and Romania and the Committee felt as a charity we should support this very worthy cause. Members of the Committee go into the shop on Fridays, after closing to label and bag whatever we think will be of use. Mostly we have more than 20 bags which David arranges to have uplifted and since January this year we decided to give him recycling to help defray transport expenses.

In October we had water coming in at rear of the shop. Thompson Builders replaced 12 slates the next morning. The committee decided when the shop was closed over Christmas and New Year that it would be an ideal time to refurbish. The shop was painted throughout, plumber fitted new sink unit and geyser, joiner boxed in unsightly pipes, removed old mirrors in front of the shop, made and fitted 2 new cupboards in kitchen and electrician repaired lights. I would like to thank Mr Jim Harper for coming out on the Sunday before the re-furnishing of the shop on 22nd January and repairing central heating.

Unfortunately the new carpet had not arrived on time for opening. It was another three weeks before this was fitted. The Committee were in the shop from 9am on Saturday 10th February and removed whatever we could to allow the carpet fitters a clear floor to work on. They were very good and obliged us by fitting new at front door and covering two benches in the kitchen. We put everything back into place once they finished and we didn't leave the shop until 5 pm, a very long and tiring day.

Finally I would like to thank the committee for all their support during this past year and on behalf of all the organisations who have benefited financially a very big thank you to everyone who continue to support the charity shop every week.

This concludes my report.

Stella McEwan

Monday 19/03/01

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