Maybole After School Care (MASC)
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Who says you can't have fun at school during the summer holidays? You can . . . if you're a member of Maybole After School Care (MASC). For the project went right through the holidays, providing care, educational pastimes and loads of fun. The youngsters and their leaders even hosted their very own fun day at Gardenrose Primary School, where the project is based. And they had some highly entertaining stalls and attractions, as you can see from our pictures. The fun day, together with an earlier bag-packing enterprise at Maybole's Safeway store, raised more than 400 for MASC. And the cash was used to take the youngsters on a super day-out to Strathclyde Park, where they enjoyed the thrills of Scotland's top fairground. MASC can take youngsters from three to 16, although it's mostly primary-age children who are regular attenders. Pupils from Cairn and St Cuthbert's schools happily mingle with those from Gardenrose, and the project is open from 2.45 till 6pm. Now MASC is investigating the possibility of opening before-school too, to meet a need for working parents. And during the holidays, it offered full-time care from 8am till 6pm.  ( Ayrshire Post August 22nd 2003)