Maybole Community Development Group
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THE project known as MCDG (Maybole Community Development Group) has ended after three years funding through a grant from the National Lottery's Community Fund. Volunteer directors Ellen Hawkes and Pearl Barton on Friday morning May 30th 2003 - the project's final day - paid tribute to two ladies who have had key roles. Elizabeth Blair, who had been with the

 group since it started, and Eleanor Jamieson were presented with gifts as thanks in recognition of their work. Project leader Peter Walker was thanked and presented with a gift at an informal ceremony the previous evening.

The new Maybole Resource Centre is now located in the premises of the Development Group

A Rural Community Conference & Funding was held on
Sat. 26th January 2002 in Maybole Town Hall from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.  Click here to read more.

A MAYBOLE group has come up with a deal designed to encourage more townspeople to click on to the Internet. The town's Community Development Group is looking for local volunteers to help man their new premises at 48/50 High Street. In return, MCDG will give volunteers free access to the Internet and full use of all computers. In addition, the group will pay the first £25 of each person's Individual Learning Account. This will enable people to undertake up to £175 worth of training at any local training organisation or any distance learning on the web sites. Interested people can call in to the new High Street offices and obtain more details from the staff. Meanwhile, the official opening of MCDG's new premises takes place on Wednesday, March 28. Members of the public will be welcome to visit from 1pm for a first-hand insight into an organisation that offers a whole range of services - free Internet access and use of computers, news and com≠munity notice boards, volunteering advice, photocopying, colour printing and community services. (From the Ayrshire Post of 3-16-2001)

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More articles from the Ayrshire Post ( April 6th 2001)

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Opening doors for those who want to learn. Councillor Andy Hill (left) and Maybole community development officer Peter Walker at the official opening...

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Doors Open on Free 'Surfing'. The bid to make Maybole folk more computer literate took a fresh step forward last week.

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Jaki Thomson (front) made use of free Internet access to look for an on-line course. She wants to make use of the Government's Individual Learning Account offer of £150 towards a training course.

Pictured following the official opening of the office are (left to right) Maybole Community Development Group administration assistant Elizabeth Blair ...


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