A Simple Prayer of Reconciliation
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A simple prayer of reconciliation from OL&SC weekend services. Submitted by Ellen Hawkes.

Father, all powerful and ever-living God, 
we praise and thank you through Jesus Christ, Our Lord,
for your presence and action in the world.

In the midst of conflict and division,
we know it is you
who turn our minds to thoughts of peace.
Your Spirit changes our hearts:
enemies begin to speak to one another,
those who were estranged join hands in friendship,
and nations seek the way of peace together.

Your Spirit is at work 
when understanding puts an end to strife,
when hatred is quenched by mercy,
and vengeance gives way to forgiveness.

For this we should never cease to thank you.
We join with the choirs of angels
as they sing forever “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.”