Carrick Academy - Primary Class 1949
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 Carrick Academy class photo contributed by Jack McLeish - first pupil on the left in the second row from the back.  Larger Image

Sammy Waugh

Jim Barrie

Jim Davis

Jim Douglas

John McDowall

Ian Page

Tom Waugh

Jackie Dewar

David Lindsay


Jack McLeish

Ian Corbett

John McBurnie

Tommy Johnston

Eddie Waugh

John Harris

Billy Boyd

Billy Jess

Malcolm McKay

Bobby Paul

Nancy Hughes

Rachel Wilson

Jean Wotherspoon

Isobel Cook

Doreen Colquhoun

Lynn Boyd

Janie Clark

Jean Watson

Margaret Sturgeon

Ivy Bell

Ann McKinstrey

Crissie Crossan

Mary Strachan

E Ritchie

Aline Smith

Angela Kidd

Marion Chalmers

Ann Morrison

Wilma Barton



Jim Eccles

Nancy Campbell

J. Davidson

Walter Brown