Carrick Academy Primary 1951
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In 1951 Carrick was a primary as well as a secondary school. We're told by Jim Williamson, cousin of David Jess in the photo, that this is probably primary 6 or 7.  Back row--James Robb, Ian Alexander, David Jess, Peter Thompson, Robin  Clark, James Lyburn Jim Waugh, Brian Faulds and Jack Cook  2nd Back--Jeannie Davidson, Alan McDowall, Billy Houston, Jim Spiers, James Kennedy, Ronnie Paul, David Allan and Jean Corbett  Middle--- Sheena Campbell, Dorothy Turner, May Sillars, Irene Maxwell, Claire McGill, Ella Lambie, Jean McGill, Janetta Boyd, Teresa Clark, Heather  Roger and Helen Reid 2nd front--Sheena Reid, May Niven, Kathleen Tweedily, Myra Holligan, Rita Thompson, Norma Cross, Margaret McKenna, Patsy Paige, Peggy Jardine, Sandra Alexander and Jean Grieve Front-- Emily Jamieson, Elizabeth Martin, Helen Rodger and Elspeth Cooper. Larger image here. Photo and names contributed by Bill McCubbin

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