Carrick Academy Class of 1964
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Class of 1964 - Carrick Academy

Top row, left to right: Agnes Fisher, Marilyn Butler, Norma Rodger, Elizabeth Howatson, Sandra Milligan, Eileen Kiltie, Wilma McLanaghan, Dorothy Murchie, Caroline Tilk, Pat Colligan

Second row: Senga McBride, Jennifer Kirkland, Annette Gibson, Hannah Scobie, Margaret Taylor, Maggie Taylor, Aileen Sands, Janie Reid, Phyllis McMichael, Mary McLeish, Shona Cameron, Jane Brown.

Front Row: Rena Wallace, Helen McKeand, Marion Wilson, Margaret McManus, Hazel Bratton, Eleanor Harris, Catherine Tait, Christine Lambert, Ruth Dunnachie.

Photo contributed by Marion Wilson - Front row, third from the left. For a large scale image click here.

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