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Maybole is a Burgh of Regality and was granted its Charter on 14th November. 1516. The Charter granted many privileges to the townspeople such as holding a public market in the town every Thursday throughout the year and a public fair for eight days every Lammas. While these rights still remain they are not exercised and no markets or fairs have been held in the town this century.

The town is from 200 to 300 feet above sea level and well sheltered by the Carrick Hills from the north winds. The climate is extremely mild and the usual rainfall is 30 to 40 inches annually while from 1,200 to 1,300 hours of sunshine are usually recorded.

Lying as it does on the side of a hill facing the Southern Uplands Maybole commands a magnificent view of these rolling hills. The Merrick, Shalloeh on  Minnoch and other famous landmarks are easily discernible from any part of the Town.

The High Street is in the centre of the town and the old part of the town lies below it with the newer houses and streets above it. The site of the old Mercat Cross which was removed in 1745 because it was an obstruction to traffic is marked by an iron cross set in the roadway in the middle of the High Street.

In recent years many of the older buildings have been replaced by modern housing schemes, but many interesting old buildings still remain.

Two of the most interesting buildings in the town are sited at the top and bottom of the High Street, the one at the top being the Tolbooth and the one at the bottom Maybole Castle.

Town Green Maybole

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