A Lenten Meditation
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Here is a poem for this season of Lent--- I actually wrote it at the time of the ethnic cleansing being carried out by the Serbs some twelve years ago, but of course, we have seen these dreadful massacres being carried out in various places since then, and we seem powerless to stop it.  Edna Collie

                                            A Lenten Meditation.

                                           Bosnia ,  Rwanda ,  Darfur.
                                 A thousand ages gone and still the battle rages ;     
                                 The battle of man against man, evil against evil.
                                 Land for us, not you--- yet you have lived therein
                                 Throughout your life : born, grown, loved, procreated
                                 Sons and daughters to grow, love and procreate,
                                 While wielding swords and firing guns.
                                 Looting, burning, raping and cleansing---
                                 Cleansing ethnically, somehow deemed ethically
                                 For God is on our side, as when in days gone by
                                 One thousand were slain with the jaw bone of an ass.
                                 But who sees the weeping ones, the grieving ones,
                                 The suffering ones ?  Who cares ?
                                 Massacre on massacre : cleansing on cleansing,
                                 Mad mad world on collision course to self destruction.
                                 Jesus sees and weeps.


                                                                                               Edna Collie.