January in a Corner of the Garden
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I have a poem I wrote some years ago, and I thought it could be of interest to some of our site visitors. Edna Collie

                                        January in a Corner of the Garden.



                                 Hard ground, cold cold wind, craggy earth,

                                 Unyielding lawn, patchy, grey-green, windswept:

                                 No leaves, no dew, no plashy earth, no children playing,

                                 Dull leaden skies, a wheeling bird, and distant sound of traffic.


                                 Together they stand, head bowed, unshaken, proud

                                 Witnesses to the eternal miracle of life.

                                 A tiny corm, buried in the earth

                                 Nigh twelve months has lain dormant;

                                 Perhaps heard the first cuckoo, felt the April rains,

                                 Welcomed the May dew and basked unseen in summer sun,

                                 Storing its power and glory for future battle.

                                 Autumn comes and goes; the dew has turned to frost,

                                 A hundred thousand sparkles in the freezing air.


                                 And suddenly they are there again, together,

                                 The little snowdrops, meek and mild, yet mighty.


                                                                                                 Edna Collie.