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Ayrshire Directory - 1837 - by Pigot & Co

Or Kilbirny, is a thriving and populous village, in the parish of its name, and district of Cunningham; 64 miles w by s of Edinburgh, 20 ssw of Glasgow, the like distance n of Ayr, and three from Beith; eligibly situate on the banks of the Garnock, in the heart of a fine country, and within a mile of the Lock of Kilbirny, which extends two miles in length by half a mile in breadth, and is well stored with perch, trout and eel. The importance of this village has been much augmented of late years, by the establishment of two very extensive mills - one for the spinning of flax, belonging to Messrs Wilson and Jamesons, the other for the manufacture of cotton goods by power, belonging to Mr David Watson; there is also a manufacturory for thread. The old castle of Glengarnock is perhaps one of the most ancient, as well as the most stately ruins in Ayrshire; it is supposed to have been the residence of the once famed family of De Morville, which flourished in great splendour during the reigh of Alexander I, David I, Malcolm IV, and William the Lion; they held the high office of constable of Scotland, and were Lords of Galloway and Cunningham. There likewise exists the extensive ruin of the old house of Kilbirnie, long the residence of the ancient family of Crawford of Kilbirnie. Some time after the death of George, the last Earl of Crawford, a person came from Ireland, calling himself John Lindsay Crawford, and assuming to be the heir male to the title and estates; this claim excited a great sensation in the country for several years; but the pretender being convicted of vitiating written evidence, in cupport of his assumption, was transported to Botany Bay for seven years. Upon his return, however, he renewed his demands, and a society of noblemen and gentlemen in London assisted him; but, after a minute and careful investigation, the claim was decided to be unfounded, and was consequently abandoned. This individual having since died, his heirs, not satisfied with the judicial decision which had been pronounced, are still pertinaciously litigating their claim to the property. Post. Letters arrive from Beith every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at half- past five.

Ferguson, Rev. James (reformed presbytery),  Hill cottage
Urquhart, Rev. Robert (established church),  Manse

Miller, James,  Bank
Parochial School, James Muir, master
Stewart, James,  Dennyholm

Knox, William & James,  Water side

Allan, George,  Bridge st
Allan, James,  Newtown
Allan, John,  Cockran st
Anderson, William,  Cockran st
Irvine, David,  Mill st
Sinclair, John,  Bridge st
Steel, John,  Bridge st

Barclay, James,  Bridge st
Crawford, Archibald,  Cockran st
Dickie, William,  Newtown

Watson, David, Kilbirnie Mill - Matthew Shanks, manager

Wilson & Jamesons,  Garnock mill

Orr, Robert,  Bridge st
Patton, Robert,  Bridge st
Shedden, William,  Bridge st

Allan, John,  Bridge st
Brodie, James,  Mill st
Fife, Robert (& agent),  bridge st
Fife, William (tea dealer),  Main st
Law, John,  Bridge st
Mackie, James,  Bridge st
Patton, Robert,  Bridge st
Shedden, William,  Bridge st
Walker, James,  Bridge st

Knox, Robert,  Bridge st
Russell, Allan,  Bridge st

Bryan, Hugh,  Main st
Clark, Robert,  Bridge st

Archibald, Elizabeth,  Bridge st
Crawford, Robert,  Bridge st
Durrock, Alexander,  Bridge st
Love, William,  Bridge st
McCormick, Janet,  Main st
Orr, Robert,  Bridge st
Walker, John,  Mill st

Barclay, Peter,  joiner,  Cockran st
Baxter, Daniel,  sexton
Beech, Allan,  tinsmith,  Hamilton st
Crawford, Rachael, draper,  Bridge st
Dickie, George, miller,  Nether mill
Graham, James,  cabinet maker,  Main st
Howie, Andrew,  lime burner,  Auchinleck
Jameson, James,  coal merchant,  Lade side
McCosh, John,  baker,  Main st
Montgomerie, Skeoh (?), rope maker,  Dennyholm
Orr, Robt, earthenware dealer,  Bridge st
Pebles, James, wheel maker,  Bridge st
Walker, William,  surgeon,  Main st

To Glasgow, James Allan and James Allan jnr, every Thursday.

This transcript was kindly provided by Keith Muirhead from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.