1883 Maybole Directory
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Click here for notes and comments regarding directory listings for residents of Minishant and area. These details generously provided by Hugh Douglas. 
Historical Notes and Statistics Page 16
Adams, Miss to Austin, Robert  Page 17

Baird, James to Brown, David         

Page 18
Brown, Andrew to Clydesdale, John         Page 19
Coats, Sir Peter to Davidson, Mrs Samuel     Page 20
Dempster, Robert to Forgie, John      Page 21

Friend, James to Gray, Adam                        

Page 22
Gray, John to Howie, David             Page 23
Howie, William to Kelly, Alexander       Page 24

Kelly, Thomas to Limond, James                     

Page 25
Limond, Mrs Thomas to Muir, William Page 26
Muir, Arthur to M'Clymont Page 27
M'Clymont, William to M'Fadzean Page 28
M'Farlane, William M.D. to M'Millan, James

Page 29

M'Millan, Robert to Pealing, Joseph Page 30
Peden, David to Rodger, William Page 31
Rodger, Hugh to Strachan, Robert  Page 32
Strachan, David to Watson, David Page 33
Watt, John to Young, Adam Page 34

Proprietors in Maybole Parish Above 10 Yearly Rental

Ailsa, Marquis of to Gray, Heirs of Margaret

Page 35

Goldie, Elizabeth to M'Crindle, Mrs Page 36
M'Cymont, John to Wyllie, John Page 37
Bailie, Grace to Wright, John Page 38


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