Found on Ebay - Letter from William Niven 1814
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This letter was found for sale on ebay. William Niven The most prominent townsman in days gone past was Bailie Niven and when dealing with the town's history two hundred years ago it is practically impossible to turn up any notes on matters relating to the town and district where the bold Bailie's name does not appear. He was undoubtedly at that time "Lord God of Maybole and Master of all the Lime Kilns in sight" as his manservant once described him. He was a school-friend of Robert Burns, a banker and merchant in the town, "Leader" of the council for many years, Laird of Kirkbride, the only townsman to have a vote before the Reform Bill of 1832 and at his unmourned death left over 100,000. As his coffin was lifted on to the shoulders of the pall bearers one of the few spectators remarked: "Hoist him up, he'll never be nearer heaven."  More on William Niven

"Maybole, County of Ayr, North Britain", dated 17th October 1814, to the Secretary of the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds of London.

Colin Craig (of the) 91st Foot has arrived here and taken up his residence with this town and has produced satisfactory proof of his having a wife and one child who are here with him and agreeable to the ticket of the Patriotic Fund dated 16th Sept 1814 at his request I beg leave to solicit you to remit him a voucher which will entitle him to get payment of such gratuity as may have been voted to him by the Committee of the Patriotic Fund. I have the honor to be the ___ your very servant                  William Niven J.P.