Maybole Council Awards, Medals and Regalia
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John Marshall served as Provost for the Town of Maybole from 1885 to 1994. On his retirement from this position with the Council he was given a small silver casket, a term for a small ornate box for holding valuables. On this casket was inscribed the the tribute as shown on the right.

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This Casket address presented to
John Marshall J.P. LaurelBank
Provost of Maybole 1885-1894
By the Provost Magistrates Commissioners and Town Councillors
of Maybole
At a public dinner in his honour
as a mark of their appreciation of his valuable
public services to the town for upwards of 18 years
as well as the esteem in which he is held as a citizen.
Tuesday, 4th December 1894

Front of Casket Top of Casket Back of Casket

 The Medals and ceremonial tokens below were used by the Maybole Town Council before its dissolution in 1975

Provost Medal Junior Bailie Medal Senior Bailie Medal Presentation Key Dunure Cemetery

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