Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Ramsay, Minister of the Gospel Kirkmichael
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The letter below, dated  8th August 1797, is addressed to the Rev. Mr. John Ramsay, Minister of the Gospel, Kirkmichael, near Maybole. The disposition of the estate and children of a Mr. Walker are the main subject but the writer, David McClure, appears to have as been a personal friend of Rev. Ramsay as well as a former resident of the town. Click on the images below to view the original pages of the letter or read the transcription below. For more about the writer David McClure click here. See also two other letters to Rev. John Ramsay dated 1800.

The Rev. Mr. John Ramsay
Minister of the Gospel Kirkmichael
Near _______________Maybole
N. Britain

My Dear Sir,                                                                                                                         Liverpool 8th August, 1797

I received yours of the 29th June. I waited a favourable opportunity for making the enquiry regarding Mr. Walkers affairs otherwise yours would have been answered long [ago] on this. It gives me much pleasure to find your health is quite reestablished and that Mrs. Ramsay and the Bairns [Scottish term for children] are well. Long may you and them continue to be a blessing and to comfort to each other.

As to Mr. Walkers affairs, I have received the following information when the acct came of his death and that the Messrs. Andersons & Mr. Seller were his Executors. Mr. Seller proposed to the Andersons that he would take all the goods that were in the store at primecost adding there to the charges of freight, insurance and any charge [cind?] whatever to pay a certain price for the Negroes that belong to the store. [cind?] at the time there was a ship coming from America loaded with goods for the store on the Coast, he offered to take these on its arrival at the rate of 25 _____ advance by way of profit. The Andersons would not agree to that proposal nor would they say what terms they wanted. Sometime thereafter Mr. Henderson, Mr. Seller's partner being in London called on the Andersons. One of them said there that the offer that Mr. Sellers had made he thought a fair & libral offer. The other said they had too much business of their own to be troubled with other peoples business, and it seems matters stand. So, Mr. Seller tells me there he owes some money to the estate that he wanted to pay and wrote the Andersons to know where they cashed the money _ ___ be __ that it maybe b_____for behave of the family but he has rec'd no answer from them and that he had caused his attorney to write them on the same subject. In short it seems as if these Gentlemen are determined to do nothing else in the business. I am of the opinion that the estate must have suffered considerably by the delay that has already taken place. Mr. Seller informs me that had his offer been accepted of there would have been ten thousand pounds sterling realized before this time for the family. A pity indeed that such a fair offer, should have been disregarded.

Mr. Seller also informs me that he was for forwarding the children to Scotland that they may be under the ___enence of their Grandfather but that he could not obtain their consent say the consent of the Andersons. This is what I have from Mr. Sellers himself. I embraced a favourable time when him & me were by ourselves, as he seems willing to communicate everything regarding the affairs should those you further want to know. I dare say he will inform me. Itís a great pity that the ___ should suffer for want of attention.

I am happy to inform you that we are all in tolerable good health, Annie is much better than she was when she came home. I have got both James & John home lately. They were both complaining when in America because now Ö Mrs. McCrie is at Boston she when there with her sister Sally.

I pray let me hear from you soon. I will always __ much happiness that you and yours are well. Good health is the first blessing that the human spirit can enjoy as those that all other things of a temporal nature that the words can confer will be but little relished. But as you say the comfort of religion being superior to anything that the corporal part can either enjoy. It is better than riches and even health. It directs us how to use riches to the best advantage, and strengthens the mind to bear up under the trials & disappointments of life and even to maintain a degree of tranquillity under the most severe afflictions that must be unknown to all --- does not feel something of the power of those promises that are held forth in the gospel to the faithful. Give compliments to Mrs. Ramsay in the kindest manner. Please remember to all friends you may have opportunity of seeing. I am

My Dear Sir
Yours most sincerely,
David McClure

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