List of Maybole Subscribers
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(Contributed by Cooper Hay of Cooper Hay Rare Books. Browse Cooper's Scottish books inventory or contact Mr. Hay for book search services.)

LIST of SUBSCRIBERS NAMES with 'Maybole' appended, to James McKnight's 1756 publication Harmony of the Four Gospels.

Subscribers names in eighteenth century books give an insight into the lifestyles of the inhabitants of towns of the period, occasionally listing their trades or professions. The cost of this two volume publication was expensive and only wealthy people would have been able to afford a subscription.

I have transcribed only the names of residents of Maybole, others in the vicinity, i.e. Kirkbryde, Kirkmichael and the names of various farms I have omitted for reasons of accuracy, in being unable to check that place names are of the area.
Subscribers range from London, Dublin, Glasgow, etc.

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Some Residents of Maybole in 1756

Gilbert Aird
Thomas Alexander, Merchant.
John Bannerman, Surgeon.
John Bryce, Maltman.
William Butter, Officer of Excise.
Right Hon. John Earl of Cassillis.
Charles Campbell.
Mrs. Cochran.
David Doig, Master of the Grammar School.
James Fergusson, Writer.
Alexander Girvan, Merchant.
Alexander Girvan Jun.
Hugh Girvan.
William Guthrie.
George Hamilton, Surgeon.
John Hodgeon.
Thomas Hodgeon.
Sir Thomas Kennedy of Culzean.
Alex. KennedyJun., Shoemaker

Thomas Kennedy.
David M'Allan.
James M'Allan.
Thomas M'Fadyean, Postmaster.
John M'Loinan.
James M'Lymont, Merchant.
Andrew M'Millan.
John M'Murtry School-master.
Thomas M'Murtry, Merchant.
James M'Rankin.
Dav. M'Rorie, Merchant.
James Murchland.
James Murdoch.
Gilbert Murray.
William Reid.
John Rinny.
Mrs Ronald.
Thomas Ronald.
Robert Smith, Writer.


JAMES MACKNIGHT, M.A., D.D. Minister of Maybole 1753 - 1769
Born in Irvine in 1721, student at Glasgow & Leyden, officiated as assistant at Gorbals, Glasgow and Kilwinning, on 22 February 1753 he was called to Maybole & ordained there on 10 May. Three years later he published, in London, in two volumes quarto,
A HARMONY OF THE FOUR GOSPELS: IN WHICH The Natural Order of each is preserved. WITH A PARAPHRASE and NOTES. LONDON: Printed for the AUTHOR. MDCCLVI.
A second and amended edition appeared in 1763. Rev. McKnight was the minister at the wedding of Robert Burns' parents in Maybole, 15th of December 1757. In 1759 he was awarded D.D. from Edinburgh University, in 1769 he transferred to Jedburgh, subsequently transferring to Edinburgh in 1773, where he died in 1800.

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