Coronation Medal of King George VI - 1937
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Do you know the history of this Medal? It celebrates the coronation of the present Queen’s father in 1937. Perhaps every child got one as it has Maybole on the back.

Did each town have their name on them or were they distributed by the Town Council rather than the government? If any of our visitors has any information about this we would like to hear from you.

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Visitor Comments


I have a medal which I got at school, but it is round & nothing printed on the back. It is attached to a red white & blue ribbon & a wee gold safety pin. Sheila Sims
Photo at left contributed by Sheila Sims. Select image to view full size)


The only memento I remember receiving was at the town hall in 1936 when many of the townspeople including most school children gathered to commemorate the passing of King George V. Each person was given a specially minted coin on that occasion. I can't recall ever seeing a medal such as the one you have for the coronation of King George Vl, the following year. I'm sure that something special was done by Maybole council to commemorate the coronation but I can't recall any focal point where the townsfolk would have gathered to celebrate.

As for the medal itself it was probably struck at a central location by the government, then distributed to communities all over Britain. Some communities may then have endorsed the reverse side. Sorry I can't be of more help on this, perhaps you would glean more information from the minutes of the council meetings around that time.  Jim McAlpine