Royal Bank, Maybole Cheque Dated 1869
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Isobel Seymour found this old Royal Bank of Scotland, Maybole Branch Cheque in her personal archives and thought it appropriate to post here with the celebration of the bank's 150 anniversary. She wonders if any of our site visitors know who E. Cathcart might be.  We now have at least two possibilities!

We may have found an E. Cathcart! John McCulloch sent us these details. ..and we now have another possibility. See below.

Edward Cathcart born in Dailly in 1848 may have been the signatory to the Royal Bank of Scotland cheque uncovered by Isobel Seymour. Edward died in Colinton Edinburgh in 1886. He was married to Margaret Miller. The cause of death was congestion of the brain. “Merchant” was his occupation. Edward was the son of Robert Moore Cathcart and Catherine Park Proven who married in Girvan in 1842. Robert Moore Cathcart died before 1851. He was a farmer and land steward in Dailly. His wife’s father was James Provan, farmer at Roan, Dailly. James Provan was married to Catherine Johnstone of Dailly.
John McCulloch


Edward is described as a wine merchant on the birth certificate of his son Edward Provan Cathcart. The Cathcart chair of Biochemistry at Glasgow University is name for Edward Provan Cathcart.

Biography of Edward Provan Cathcart

Edward Provan Cathcart (1877-1954) was Grieve Lecturer in Physiological Chemistry from 1905 to 1915; Professor of Physiological Chemistry from 1919 to 1929, and Professor of Physiology from 1929 until 1947. The Cathcart Chair of Biochemistry is named for him.

Born in Ayr, Cathcart graduated MB, ChB from the University in 1900 and pursued his studies in Bacteriology and Chemical Pathology in Germany. He worked in the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine from 1902 to 1905, before returning to the University to the new post of Grieve Lecturer. He had received the degree of MD from the University in 1904, with the award of a Bellahouston Gold Medal.

In 1913 Cathcart married a fellow-physiologist, Gertrude D Bostock. She had graduated in 1913 and was only the third female science graduate in the University's history.

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 I come at this cheque via Cathcart Family History; one of my Climie family from Sorn married one. I notice that young Edward in the 1871 census was at 23 Dalblair Rd, Ayr and a grocer as was bro George while the eldest James was a Commission Agent. It's difficult to see how he could have accumulated as much as £4. Also the signature looks a very practiced one whereas such a young lad from rural background might have a more careful script. Is there any sign of a bank account or a school record? His signature should be on his marriage cert. So it seems as if Elias (below) is the one. Terrific website thank you.
Regards R. Vallance

Another possibility for E Cathcart! We received the following message from Joanna Domhof in September of 2009.

I came across your website as I was doing some genealogical research.  The Royal Bank of Scotland cheque, signed by E Cathcart, is of great interest to me and I am wondering whether this E Cathcart could in fact be Elias Cathcart, and not your Edward Cathcart.

Elias Cathcart (1794 - 1877) was the oldest son of David Cathcart, Lord Alloway (1763 - 1829) (of Greenfield) and Mary Muir/Moore, heiress of Blairstoun/Blairston. 

Elias married Janet Dunlop in 1818, but it would appear from notes that I have in my 'family archives' that Elias was a bit of a spendthrift.  The estate of Blairston included  the lands of Nether Auchendrane and he apparently sold the greater part of the estate and spent the proceeds in high living!  At the intervention of the family, Nether Auchendrane was saved and his three daughters, Jane, Mary and Margaret, lived there.  They were always known as The Misses Cathcart of Auchendrane. 

Elias lived in Richmond, Yorkshire, but he would undoubtedly have had access to family money in Maybole.

Somewhere, but I cannot put my hands on it at the moment, I believe I have previously seen that distinctive signature of the E Cathcart, who paid himself the princely sum of £4 sterling.  Could this be the signature of spendthrift Elias Cathcart?

I may be entirely wrong about all this - it is difficult to sort out the Cathcarts, as all the names are repeated in every generation and in every branch, but it seems to me to fit.  I would be interested to hear what the historians of Maybole think about this.

Kind regards,
Joanna Domhof Joanna
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