The Four Earldoms of Carrick
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There are four Carrick earldom titles. The first, the most famous, is that settled forever on the firstborn son of the Scottish monarch. Today that Earl of Carrick is Charles, Prince of Wales. The second is the Earldom of Carrick in the Peerage of Ireland that belongs to the Butler family. The third is the "Earldom of Carrick (in Orkney)" that was settled on the second surviving son of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney, an illegitimate son of James V, and is now extinct. The fourth is that held by one of the principal characters, a tulip collector, in the historical novels of Sara Donati (the second of which, "Dawn on a Distant Shore", was published earlier this year). Text and images are an excerpt from the website found at
Arms of Earl of Carrick (Scotland) Arms of Earl of Carrick (Ireland) Arms of Earl of Carrick (in Orkney) Arms of Earl of Carryck (fictional)
Scottish Monarchy
Prince Charles
Peerage of Ireland
Butler Family
Earl of Orkney
Title now extinct
Based on Novel