The Kennedy Family - "The Kings of Carrick"
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Click on the image to the left or here to view this fascinating site by Kate Young which has detailed information for those with an interest in the Kennedy family and it's associations with Maybole and Ayrshire. From the first chapter...
The Kennedys of Cassilis in Ayershire, Scotland, first acquired a title, that of Barons of Ailsa, some time during the fourteen century.  I do not know what king conferred it or for what cause.  Till then the head of the family had been styled the Chieftain of Kennedy, and was, not doubt, as lawless and turbulent as were leaders of other clans in those days.

"In early days when Maybole had the families of over twenty noblemen living in it, the Kennedy family, "The Kings of Carrick", looked on the old capital of their kingdom as their home town and many famous members of this family have gone from it to become prominent figures in Scotland's history".

From the chapter from James T. Gray's  book  Maybole, Carrick's Capital titled "Famous Folks") Coat of Arms of the Marquess of Ailsa shown here by his permission. Kennedy Clan Badge.

The Kennedy Family has been associated with the province of Carrick in south Ayrshire since the end of the 12th century.  David, 3rd Lord Kennedy, who was created Earl of Cassillis in 1509, took his men from Maybole to fight at Flodden in 1513. He was killed, as was his sovereign, James IV, in that disastrous battle and his body was brought back for burial in the Old College in the Kirkport. Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Cassillis, was a famous Scottish statesman and he was appointed Lord High Treasurer in 1554. He was one of the Commissioners who went to France to arrange the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots, with the Dauphin, and, because he refused to agree that the Scottish crown should go to the French heir, he was poisoned at Dieppe and his body was also brought back for burial in the "Auld College". More about the Earls of Carrick.

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This letter is from the Marquess of Ailsa, and was a response to a letter written in anticipation of the annual Kennedy Family reunion in 1973. Contributed by Kate Young

cemetryfordrsamuelkennedy.jpg (39636 bytes)

This photo is of the tombstones of Dr. Samuel Kennedy and his wife, who are both buried in the Presbyterian Church yard where he preached for many years. Dr. Samuel Kennedy was born in Maybole. His story is included in the Kennedy Chronicles above. Contributed by Kate Young.

Kennedy.jpg (39564 bytes)

This photo is believed to be John Kennedy, whom we understand is the US Kennedy clan chief with his family visiting Maybole Castle.

This is the cover of Dr. Samuel Kennedy's Medical Journal  -  1750s   in Newark, NJ Historical Library on loan. Contributed by Pat Bender.


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