Mary Queen of Scots - Embroidery from a home in Maybole
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Mary Queen of Scots. Click on this image to view full size.

I bought this picture at a local auction recently - it is a very old embroidery on silk - the faces are actually painted though the costumes, landscape etc are embroidered. It is Mary Queen of Scots escaping from Leven Castle (I do like the splendid tartan doublet that one of the men is wearing!!!) has been rather badly damaged at some point - it looks like water damage. I met by the lady who had sold the embroidery - she confirmed that it depicts Mary, that it is about 200 years old, and - much to my interest - added that it "came from a house in Maybole." She didn't tell me which one - maybe she didn't know. But I would be very interested in finding out anything more about it and its provenance. She had already had the damaged silk stabilised professionally, and now I have had it put in a box frame, with anti-reflective glass to protect it. Maybe visitors to the Maybole website would be able to help? Catherine Lucy Czerkawska