At Maybole, 15 September, 1858


                     The Revd Mr Moir        Mr Dykes

                     Mr Henderson               Mr McCracken

                     Mr W. Brown                       


The teacher reports an arrear of 4/3 owing by Thos. Riley -

Mrs R. called today and proposes to pay the same by installments but did not say at what period or by what xxxxxx. The Meeting agree to continue the children at School and if she pay 1/4 [ quarter] of the arrears the other 3/4 will be obtained.

The Meeting agreed to Agnes Blythe’s children to the School on the distinct understanding that she keeps them steadily at School and pays the promised allowance.


Widow McGill’s child is to be admitted at the rate of 1d. per week. The Meeting direct the Secretary to intimate to the managers of Fergusson  Bequest Fund that the £150 has been virtually obtained which secures the payment of £150 from that fund.

                                                      At Maybole, 9 October 1858


                Mr Henderson, Missionary of the West Coast

                Mr McCracken., Poor Inspector

                Mr William Brown


The claim or request of Mrs McCoid  to have her boy transferred from the Dangerland School to the Ragged School is declined because it is considered that the boy is being well enough attended to by the teacher of the Dangerland School and if there be deficiency anywhere it is with the Mother who fails to do her duty to the child by not enforcing his regular attendance.