Maybole Memories World War II
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Maybole Memories World War II is a 64 page book produced by Maybole Community Council as part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.

A whole series of events was organized in 2005 to celebrate with veterans of the war, to especially remember the efforts of those unsung heroes on the home front whose contribution was equally as important, and to give modern day children some inkling of what life was like during the war years.

On Wednesday April 29 1942 Robert Clark was presented with a hall clock from the people of Maybole in recognition of the honour he had brought to the town in gaining the award of the Distinguished Service Medal.

Provost McCulloch made the presentation and said he felt it was a very great honour to make the presentation as it was the first distinction to be won by a Maybole man in this war (World War 2).

Seaman Clark, educated at Carrick academy, had been in the Navy for about six years since he was 16. The award had been given for gallantry in action against enemy aircraft in the Mediterranean whilst convoying food and munitions to Malta, and also for special service, details of which could not be mentioned. He had also taken part in the raid on Vaagso in Norway with great credit.

The photograph on the left is believed to be of the donation of a vehicle to the Red Cross in 1943 by the people of Maybole.

In the course of the Battle of the Bulge, during WWII, American and British units together liberated LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE in the morning of January 11, 1945.   The British troops advanced down the River Ourthe Valley coming from HOTTON, while the American troops came down from DOCHAMPS, SAMREE, CIELLE and maybe FRAITURK .along the opposite side of the River.   This picture was taken during the liberation of LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE t the corner of Rue de la Gare and Route de Cielle, in the vicinity of the bridge over the River Ourthe.   On the left: Sgt Harris McALLISTER (Maybole, Ayrshire), Cpl. John DONALD (Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire), Sgt. Frank Dereck RICHARDS (Ricky) (North Wales) from the 51st Highland Division Black Watch.


This photograph contributed by Margaret Kenny, was taken at Turnberry during the war when the hotel was used as a hospital. Margaret's mother, Nurse Wilder, is standing at the right hand side of the front row.

Dwight Eisenhower spent holidays at Culzean Castle with his family and friends and was a frequent visitor to Maybole which he always considered, as he said, "his Scottish hometown". On Saturday, 5th October, 1946, the Freedom of the Burgh was conferred on him by the townspeople. President Eisenhower, in his remarks after the ceremony, said he would "always consider himself a true Minnieboler, if not by birth, at least by adoption".