Our Agricultural Implement Works
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messrsjacksworks.gif (83125 bytes)Another branch of industry that has taken root in Maybole is that of agricultural implements. For this we are indebted to the late Mr Alexander Jack, his successor, Mr Marshall, and Mr Thomas Hunter. Mr Jack began business with a ten pound note, as a maker of mason's "mells," and ended as owner of Townhead Works, erected at a cost of 6000, employing upwards of 100 persons, and producing yearly a large assortment of reapers, carts, waggons, and other requirements of the farming trade. Mr Jack was much respected as an ingenious mechanic, and a kindly obliging man. His humble days were spent at Auchendrane Mill, but when he came to Maybole in 1852 his fame spread, and continued spreading till his death in 1877. While many implement works have succumbed to the wave of depression which has recently passed over the farming interest, these works have not only kept the field, but extended the sphere of their operations, until now their manufactures are found everywhere.

Another of our captains of industry is Mr Thomas Hunter, who has turned his attention chiefly to such implements as ploughs, grubbers, turnip-sowers, &c., and these are well-known from John o' Groat's to Land's End. At every Agricultural Show, no figure is better known than Mr Hunter's, and no "stand" of implements more successful in securing customers or winning medals.

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