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Ladyland SchoolTwenty-five years ago, there were five schools in the town. The Parish School, at the Greenside, was the first in dignity. The West Church School, now turned into a Fever Hospital, had, however, greatly the largest attend-ance. The Free Church School, now occupied by the "Brethren," was also well attended. The Industrial School at the Greenhead, now turned into dwelling houses, was filled to overflowing. While the Episcopal School, now become once more a Methodist Chapel, was also attended 'by a number.

In August, 1876, all the above schools were closed, and the Ladyland Public School was opened by a grand procession of the scholars through the town, and an equally grand conversazione of the parents in the school in the evening. 'This school was, by-and-by, felt to be too small for the growing wants of the town, and so, after various alterations on it, an additional school was opened, called the Cairn School, situated in the Kirkiands. Ladyland School has.
now accommodation for 850 pupils, and Cairn School for
450; and the total average attendance amounts to over
1000 pupils.

Ladyland School was designed by Mr John Murdoch,. Architect, Ayr. Cairn School was designed by Messrs. James A. Morris and Hunter, London and Ayr, who also designed the alterations and additions made on the Lady-land School. Certainly, our school accommodation has. been wonderfully improved since the days of the old regime.

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