The Wee Spout in the Glen
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The main entrance into Maybole from the Girvan valley leads through a glen which formed at one time the track of an old quarry, and has, on that account, received the name of the Quarrle Glen, since corrupted into Coral Glen. Into this glen there has flowed, beyond the memory of man, a small spring of clear, cold water, which is known by the name of the Wee Spout. Fifty years ago, before the present road was formed, the Spout ran on the opposite side of the road, hut when the road was made, its position was altered.

About five years ago, the Wee Spout had fallen into such a ruinous state that it was of comparatively little use in summer, while it was a nuisance in winter, when the frozen water spread all over the road and made it dangerous for horses. By the help of a few public-spirited friends, however, the Wee Spout, at a cost of 32, was cleaned out and rebuilt, so that what was formerly a disgrace, is now an ornament. On the stone above the Spout, there runs the well-known Scotch saying

" Ye may gang farther and fare waur", which, when taken in connection with its surroundings, may be thus interpreted

1. The saying is true of the Wee Spout water. That would indeed be very hard to beat. It is always pure and cool, and on a summer night what the French call a queue or tail of a dozen long, may be often seen waiting their turn with their cans or jugs. Our little fountain, therefore, is worthy of its inscription. It is not only the best water in the town, but as good water as in any town.

2. It is true of water itself, as distinguished from other drinks. You may go farther than the little Fountain, and enter a Public House; but if you do, you will fare worse. You will get worse drink, and pay dearer for it. Water slockens, but strong drink starts a craving.

3. It is true of the town in which we live. With all its drawbacks, it has many advantages. Whether for natural beauty of situation, or the historical associations connected with it, you will search far before you meet its match. There is no town, at least in this district, which has so many fine views, or so many varied walks. Custom may have blinded our eyes to these beauties, but old Minibolers coming back to their native place, at once recognise them.

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