Brown Family History and Documents
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Marriage of William Brown and Anne Hunter in Maybole, dated 1833 and signed by Rev. George Gray.

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Note to Mr. Muir, Maybole
 dated Dec 14th, 1833.
Record of births for the children
 of William and Ann Brown
Brown family history

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My family and I are researching our roots in Maybole. My great great Grandparents, William and Anne BROWN were married in Maybole in 1833. We would like to find out if William and Anne were born in Maybole and who their parents were. Isabella Brown, my great grandmother was a school teacher in Wisconsin.. Her brother, John Archibald Brown fought in the American Civil War with the Wisconsin Calvary. He was taken prisoner by Confederate troops and held in Andersonville, Georgia- one of the worst prison camps. Their brother Hugh was a farmer in Wisconsin and Arkansas. Isabella was the only one to have surviving children and grandchildren. My mother Marjy is one of three surviving granddaughters. My mother has been doing a little research over the years, not making much progress. When I finally got online and found the Maybole site, we were just in awe! The site is fabulous! It has everything my mother has always dreamed of seeing in person. Thanks for letting us take a virtual visit to Maybole!

Maggie Anderson Bessette

Letter from Hugh Brown, Kilmaurs, 16th June 1866
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Letter from Hugh Brown, Kilmaurs, 11th April 1853 

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The Brown family in America
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Belle Brown Letter regarding William and Ann Brown from Washington D.C. church dated 1848.

Hugh Brown

John A. Brown

John A. Brown