Descendants of John Logan
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I live just outside of Melbourne, Australia and have ancestors from Maybole. My relatives, Logan and Kilpatrick, were originally from County Derry in Ireland and lived in Maybole around 1850 to 1862 before emigrating to Australia. If you have questions about the information on this page please contact Brian Logan See also census data.
Descendants of John LOGAN
8 Nov 2002
1. John LOGAN (b.1831-Ireland;d.1911-Fitzroy,Victoria)
   sp: Jane KILPATRICK (b.1833-Derry,Ireland;m.1851;d.1906-Eltham,Victoria)
 2. James LOGAN (b.1853-Maybole,Scotland;d.1885-Yarra Bend,Victoria)
 2. Helen LOGAN (b.1854-Maybole,Scotland;d.1899-Eltham,Victoria)
    sp: Thomas Henry ORFORD (b.1850-Pambula,New South Wales;m.1884)
	3. William Henry ORFORD (b.1884)
	3. Jane Amelia ORFORD (b.1885)
	3. Arthur James ORFORD (b.1886)
	3. Frederick John ORFORD (b.1889)
	3. Florence Helen ORFORD (b.1890)
	3. Victor Leslie ORFORD (b.1891)
	3. Ernest Thomas ORFORD (b.1892;d.1982)
   	  sp: Kate THOMAS (b.1895;m.1915;d.1974)
	3. Clement George ORFORD (b.1895)
 2. Andrew LOGAN (b.1856-Maybole,Scotland;d.1921-Badger Creek,Victoria)
    sp: Jessina Emily IVY (b.1857-Bristol,England;m.1883;d.1932-Healesville,Victoria)
	3. John William Ivy LOGAN (b.1883-Eltham,Victoria;d.1956-Upper Ferntree Gully,Victoria)
   	  sp: Katie MACKENZIE (b.1891-South Melbourne,Victoria;m.1920;d.1984-Hallam,Victoria)
	3. Andrew Hugh LOGAN (b.1885)
   	  sp: Eppie SAGE (b.1885)
	3. Arthur Stanley LOGAN (b.1888-Healesville,Victoria;d.1964-Korumburra,Victoria)
   	  sp: Adaline Florence FISHER (b.1889-Williamstown,Victoria;m.1910;d.1960)
	3. Herbert Victor LOGAN (b.1888-Warburton,Victoria;d.1889-Healesville,Victoria)
	3. Harold James LOGAN (b.1889-Healesville,Victoria;d.1891-Healesville,Victoria)
	3. Daisy Emily LOGAN (b.1891-Healesville,Victoria)
   	  sp: Alexander Frederick HARGREAVES (b.1890;m.1914)
	3. Violet Amelia Jane LOGAN (b.1893-Healesville,Victoria)
 	  sp: Charles Albert HARGREAVES (b.1890;m.1914)
	3. Olive May LOGAN (b.1894-Healesville,Victoria;d.1975-Upper Ferntree Gully,Victoria)
   	  sp: William James KILPATRICK (b.1893-Eltham,Victoria;m.1923;d.1959-Melbourne,Victoria)
	3. Ruby Hazel LOGAN (b.1897-Healesville,Victoria;d.1947-Healesville,Victoria)
	3. Amy Clairetta LOGAN (b.1898-Healesville,Victoria)
   	  sp: Alexander CHALMERS (b.1895)
	3. George Harrington LOGAN (b.1901-Healesville,Victoria)
   	  sp: Elizabeth Sutherland IRVINE (b.1900)
 2. Hugh LOGAN (b.1858-Maybole,Scotland;d.1858-Maybole,Scotland)
 2. John LOGAN (b.1859-Maybole,Scotland;d.1937-Victoria)
 2. William Hugh LOGAN (b.1861-Maybole,Scotland)
 2. Mary Jane LOGAN (b.1864-Eltham,Victoria)
     sp: John MCCOLL (b.1860-Eltham,Victoria;m.1887)
	3. John Herbert MCCOLL (b.1888-Eltham,Victoria;d.1957-Greensborough,Victoria)
   	  sp: UNKNOWN
	3. Edwin Samuel MCCOLL (b.1892-Eltham,Victoria;d.1971-Eltham,Victoria)
   	  sp: Elizabeth M UNKNOWN (b.1900;d.1954)
	3. Donald James MCCOLL (b.1900-Eltham,Victoria;d.1961-Greensborough,Victoria)
	3. Victor William MCCOLL (b.1901-Eltham,Victoria;d.1969-Northcote,Victoria)
 2. Sarah Ann LOGAN (b.1867-Eltham,Victoria)
     sp: James William POULTER (b.1865-Greensborough,Victoria;m.1887)
	3. Ida Jane POULTER (b.1889-Eltham,Victoria;d.1966-Ivanhoe,Victoria)
   	  sp: Bertie Nicholas MCCOLL (b.1890;m.1915)
	3. Albert James Logan POULTER (b.1890-Eltham,Victoria;d.1942-Chewton,Victoria)
   	  sp: Bertha Claudine HARRISON (b.1890;m.1915)
	3. Lillian Annie POULTER (b.1892-Eltham,Victoria;d.1918-Heidleberg,Victoria)
   	  sp: UNKNOWN
	3. Myrtle Mary POULTER (b.1894-Greensborough,Victoria;d.1919-Heidleberg,Victoria)
   	  sp: UNKNOWN
	3. Violet Ellen POULTER (b.1897-Greensborough,Victoria;d.1950-Greensborough,Victoria)
   	  sp: Walter James GODWILL (b.1895;m.1921)