The McWhirter Line of Patricia E. Martin
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Research by Patricia E Martin whose e-mail address is


This is my McWhirter line and Maybole connection and I am interested in contact with anybody who has connections or interest in this family or any information about them.  I have marked with 'bold' those of my own particular line but all connected are also of interest.


From ORIGINS index - John McWHIRTER and Jean SLOAN had the following children:


Alexander McWhirter 17 July 1771 - registered Colmonell

Andrew McWhirter 12 October 1772 - registered at Colmonell

Janet McWhirter 11 October 1774 - registered at Colmonell

Martha McWhirter 24 March 1776 - registered at Colmonell

William McWhirter 28 August 1778 - registered at Colmonell

John McWhirter 9 August 1788 - registered at Colmonell

Hugh McWhirter 6 September 1782 - registered at Colmonell


From my researches which includes Census Returns and purchased death certificates.


Alexander McWHIRTER was a Stone Dyke builder who married Agnes McCLYMONT from Maybole - search of the ORIGINS index would suggest that she was born 1764 at Maybole, daughter of James McClymont and Isabel McCaul .  Since they had a son named Alexander Sloan McWhirter, I feel that it is safe to assume that Alexander was the son of John McWhirter and Jean Sloan.  Alexander and Agnes McClymont / McLimont married on the 4 December 1795 at Colmonell, Ayrshire. I suspect that the father of Agnes McClymont was the James McClymont who is listed as admitted to the Council and Merchant in Maybole in 1760 but I have nothing to confirm that.  If anyone has any information about that, I would be very grateful  They had the following children


John McWhirter 16 January 1796 - registered Maybole

Mary McWhirter ca 1798/99 - Maybole from Census but not registered

Jean McWhirter 1804 - registered Colmonell

James McWhirter 14 July 1806 - registered Ballantrae

Alexander Sloan McWhirter 31 Jan 1809 - registered Ballantrae

Elizabeth McWhirter 30 March 1811 - registered Barr

Jennat McWhirter 6 July 1813 - registered Colmonell


Mary McWHIRTER died 21 May 1875 aged 77yrs 2mths 3wks at Colmonell per death information supplied by her husband, Thomas McLEAN - she had a grandson Alexander born ca 1855 who lived with her and husband at Piper Knowes, Colmonell, Barrhill.  I am looking for anybody who has any knowledge or connection to this family.


Alexander Sloan McWhirter appears to be the widower in 1881 who had married Margaret Campbell on the 6 February 1848 at Colmonell and had children:

James McWhirter 27 November 1848 - registered Colmonell

Jane McWhirter 17 November 1849 - registered Colmonell

Alexander McWhirter 1 April 1851 - registered Colmonell

John McWhirter 3 January 1854 - registered Colmonell

plus granddaughter Margaret McWhirter born ca 1872 in America