My Grandfather, Hugh, was born in Maybole on 8th January 1876 at Whitehall in Maybole (copy of birth certificate held). My G,Grandfather, George, was married to a Martha (MS) Thornton in Maybole on 11 July 1862 and his occupation was a Journeyman Currier.

My G,Grandmother was a subscriber to the Stained Glass Window fund at the Old Parish Church in 1899, notation reads "Mrs G. Miller and family, Whitehall 6/-" but no mention is made of my G,Grandfather so presumably he had died by then.

My Grandfather must have left Maybole sometime in the 1890's as he was married in Northern Ireland in 1900, and his family were all born in Dalmuir outside Glasgow, where I also was born in 1945. My family emigrated to New Zealand in 1947.

My Grandfather had a brother James, and I wondered if this might be the James Miller who was Provost of Maybole from 1912 to 1921.

Ian Miller
New Zealand