Sloan Family History
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"David Sloan and John Sloan are brothers to my grandmother Maggie Sloan. If you refer to the death certificate for Maggie Sloan, her parents are given as Alexander Sloan and Agnes Cowan. Agnes and Alexander had 10 children, all born in Maybole, and only 4 of whom lived to marriageable age. These were:

  1. Margaret Sloan (Maggie) was child #1; she died at 29 yrs. She had 2  children, my father being the elder of the two. Grandad Robb married a 2nd  time to Elspeth Willis Milne.

  2. Jane Sloan was child #5; she died at 31 yrs. She had 1 daughter.

  3. David Sloan was child #6; he lived on to 86 yrs. He had 3 daughters. Two are still alive; one is now deceased.

  4. John Sloan was child #10; he died at about 57 yrs. There were no children."

It's great to read about the Maybole where a) my grandfather was born, apprenticed and worked for many years b) my father was born, grew up and went to school etc. until he was 13 yrs and then emigrated to Australia with his parents and siblings. And your information has identified for me - Weaver(s) Vennel, and Balloney. Neither of these seem to be on current maps of Maybole. Let me also say "Thank you" for the wealth of information you are adding to the Maybole site.

Jean Robb