William Kennedy
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I am trying to prove the connection of my Kennedy relative. William Kennedy of Maybole in Ayrshire supposedly left Scotland for America about the early part of the 18th century. He was born to Alexander and Anna Kennedy on the first day of the 5th month, 1690 at Cullean Ayrshire, Scotland. He died the 6th day of the sixth month in 1749 in Johnston County, North Carolina, USA If you any information that will verify that William was who my information says he was and that he indeed came to America to start my Kennedy line. I don't know if you have met K.D. Kennedy, Jr. from Raleigh, North Carolina but he supplied this information that I have. William Kennedy supposedly had two brothers who also went to America. "Archibald -from whom descended Archibald, 11th Earl of Cassillus, went to New York in 1710. According to family history he acquired wealth and power. (1685-1763) Alexander, another brother reportedly went to Ireland from Scotland in 1715. My William may have gone with Alexander and passed through Ireland on his way to live with Archibald in New York. Another brother John was enrolled as a member of the 3rd class of the University of Glasgow, 18 March 1700. He married Helen Monteith, he died in 1749. The information I have seems to be researched well but I would like to have concrete proof. I have researched the American end of this family if anyone might be interested. Thank you very much for any help you can give.

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