Privacy Policy
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What information do we collect and how do we use it?

Log files collects information about its site visitors solely for the purpose of understanding what visitors are looking at and how they are viewing the site. We collect, as do most websites, information about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) being used by a visitor, which pages are viewed, time of visit, browser and browser resolution being used, entry and exit pages, length of time on the site and other similar data. In no instances are we able to identify individuals by name, computer being used or other information, which reveal the identity of the visitor. The site logs generated by this data collection are used to identify areas of interest to visitors and to design pages in a manner compatible with the most popular browsers.

Cookies are not collected.

When you use the search function on our site provided by Google search. Your search words are logged and reported to us on a weekly basis. The only information given in this report are the search strings and number of times each word is entered into the search function.

Opt-in or opt-out
Other than changing your browser settings for accepting cookies we have no other opt-in opt-out alternatives and no functions that require them.

If you sent us an email message we may use some of the information on the website including your email address. We may also publish your comments in the quarterly Maybole Community News, published by the Ayrshire Post. This may be done if you are sending a compliment about the site, an inquiry as to relatives or ancestors with a connection to Maybole or a contribution of text or images for the site. If we use portions of the text or images from an email we will notify the sender at the email address provided, in most instances but not always. Our intention is to respect your rights and protect the privacy of all visitors to the site. We will remove any material you have sent us if you request us to do so.

For Questions about this Privacy Policy, although in spirit and practice the property of the town of Maybole and the Maybole Community Council, is the legal responsibility of the webmaster, Rich Pettit. This privacy policy is also administered by the webmaster. Questions and comments about privacy should be sent to

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