Class of 57 Reunion - David Kilite and teacher William McCreath
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TOGETHER AGAIN: David Kiltie MBE JP, left, and Professor William McCreath. More than half-a-century has passed since two paths first crossed – those of a teacher and his pupil. Now they have met again to reflect on lives that took totally different directions. But a little school in Maybole will always link Bill McCreath and David Kiltie. Bill was a 23-year-old teacher there in 1957, travelling by bus from his family home in Girvan. David Kiltie was a bright 11-year-old pupil, about to sit his ‘Qualifying’ exam. They have just met again as Professor Bill McCreath and David Kiltie MBE JP. Bill’s life took him to the USA and a distinguished career in art and education. David combined a career in computers with notable work on behalf of the Maybole community. David said: “It was great to meet Bill again when he was over to visit his family at the New Year. “We have been in touch through the Maybole website, but not in person.”

 Bill McCreath is a member of a renowned Girvan fishing family. And he worked on the boats to earn cash during summer months. Bill became a teacher, and landed a job at what was then Cairn Public School in Maybole – now Cairn Primary.  But he always had a passion for art – ceramics and pottery in particular. And he emigrated to Canada in 1959, before moving on to the USA in the 1960s. Bill remains a respected professor or art and design at Montclair State University, New Jersey, just half-an-hour from New York City. David had a humble start to life, born in rented rooms in Maybole. But he was a bright kid, gaining top awards at both Cairn and Carrick Academy. David was early into computers – when they still had reel-to-reel tapes. And he topped the poll in the election to Maybole Town Council, on his 24th birthday in 1969. David kept on working for his community, even after the town council was scrapped. He chaired the community council, and was a key man in setting up the May-Tag job training agency as well as the Maybole website. David also spearheaded the town’s many twinning links, and he is a JP as well as an MBE.

CLASS OF 57: Bill is the young teacher, and David is third from the right in the second front row.

OLD SCHOOL: Yes, it was indeed Cairn PUBLIC School, in case anyone doubts it. And David Kiltie’s name is among the Gray Medal winners.