Were you there when Elvis landed in Prestwick?
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Were you there when Elvis landed in Prestwick?  Feb 19 2010 by Edwin Lawrence, Ayrshire Post

ELVIS fans are trying to find out more about the King’s stop-over at Prestwick 50 years ago.The Elvis Touch club, which includes a lot of Ayrshire fans, is holding a big event in Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza Hotel. Fans are also excited about the return of the video projected Elvis show, with bandmates live on stage, in the SECC on Saturday, March 6.
Another article from the Ayrshire Post on this event  Photos by Ian Ghee at Elvis Presley Music

The club would love to contact the family of photographer Ian Ghee, who took most of the photos on the night Elvis flew in. The club also understands that Lt Col Ed Miller, who acted as Elvis’s escort that night, may also live in Ayrshire.
Email: elvistouch@aol.com if you can help.