Ancient Tree Hunt in Ayrshire
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I have recently started my new post of Ancient tree hunt assistant where I have to attempt to make the public aware and to get them involved in finding and recording ancient or notable trees throughout Ayrshire. We hope that the public will be able to find and record 1000 Ayrshire trees. These trees have to be either interesting, old or have a large girth which denotes age in most cases. I am based with East Ayrshire Woodlands in Cumnock The tree hunt recording system is active on the woodland trust web site where full information on recording can be found.

So far there are over 46,000 trees verified throughout the UK and we would ideally like to find 1000 in our local Ayrshire area and once they are recorded, they can be verified by trained verifiers and hopefully they can be better protected in their setting. I am contacting interest groups throughout Ayrshire in order to publicise the hunt and get the public out and about.  I can be contacted as below or at the numbers below between 9 and 3.30. I can come along to meetings to give more details and I can come out with the public for a familiarisation event to get them started.

Jamie Cook
East Ayrshire Woodlands, Underwood Depot

Auchinleck Road


KA18 1RS

01290 426973