150th Anniversary - Railway from Maybole to Girvan Celebrations
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The 150th Anniversary of the extension of the railway from Maybole to Girvan was marked on Monday May 24, 2010 when South Ayrshire Council Provost Winifred Sloan and Community Councillor Alec Clark, Girvan and District Community Council, unveiled a commemorative plaque at Girvan’s distinctive art deco station.

The celebrations, exactly to the day, were organised by the Stranraer to Ayr Line Support Association (SAYLSA), included a swap of commemorative plaques between Alec Clark and David Kiltie, chair of Maybole Community Council. Photo shows them with Richard Carr of SAYLSA.

The 150th anniversary of the railway line coming to Maybole was marked in September 2006. (Rich, you could perhaps refer people to the news in Sept 2006 when we marked the railway’s 150th anniversary for Maybole?)

James T Gray says in his book “Maybole, Carrick's Capital Facts, Fiction & Folks”:
“In April, 1853 the question of extending the Ayr-Dalmellington Railway line to Maybole and Girvan was the subject of discussion between the councillors and promoters of the railway. Lengthy meetings were held and finally in October 1853 it was decided the railway line should stop at Maybole and not be continued on to Girvan as originally proposed. The Secretary to the Railway Company reported that from traffic tables he had prepared he estimated shareholders in the company could expect at least 10% return on money invested. The Council agreed to recommend the project to the inhabitants of the town and urge them to give support by taking shares. Many townspeople did this and, as foretold by the Company Secretary, the railway prospered and the shareholders did exceedingly well from their investments. The railway station was first formed at Redbrae and later the line was formed to where the old Coal Lye was sited and where the Carrick Cooperative garages are now built. A little later the railway was taken on to Girvan and the present railway station was built, thus completing the Ayr-Maybole-Girvan railway line first mooted in 1853.”

The line was opened for goods traffic on 15th September 1856 and for passengers on 13th October 1857.