"Digging Up Your Roots" Series 7
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Digging Up Your Roots” Series 7

Transmission Dates: January 8th – February 26th 2012

The popular genealogy series ‘Digging up Your Roots’ returns to BBC Radio Scotland in the new year. Tune in to 92-95 FM every Sunday at midday between 8th January and 26th February to pick up genealogy tips and hear interesting family history stories.

We are keen to hear from people who are researching their ancestry, so if you have a question about the life of one of your family members, or a great tale to tell, then get in touch with our genealogists for free expert help. Write to: Digging Up Your Roots, BBC Radio Scotland, Beechgrove Terrace, Aberdeen, AB15 5ZT or email us at diggingupyourroots@bbc.co.uk

Programmes will also be available as podcasts - simply log on to bbc.co.uk/radioscotland and follow the links to ‘Digging Up Your Roots’ to download all eight episodes week-by-week.

Laura Seawright
BBC Scotland, Beechgrove Terrace, ABERDEEN, AB15 5ZT
Tel: 01224 384 802, Mob: 07703034077

email: laura.seawright@bbc.co.uk