The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrated in Maybole 2012
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Around 250 people turned out for a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee street party organised by residents of Covenanters Gait Residents Association on June 5 the official public holiday to mark the occasion. The Association committee wanted to improve on the feeling of community spirit by holding this event and their Queen for the day was Zoe Lamont who cut the beautiful cake which was donated by Bella Poppets.


The day was great success with raffle prizes donated by members and friends of the Association, Malin Court, Dalduff farm shop, and Merkland farm. Face painting, a bouncy castle, hot dogs, tattoos, crown-making contest, archery, teas, coffees, home baking etc., were all available and to keep the younger people in the gathering amused there were the Marvellous Mascots who were fantastic. Merkland feeds also donated the use of a marquee for the day. Some members of Maybole pipe band turned out and their music was enjoyed by everyone present as usual.


Although the day started away fine and sunny at 1pm, the dark clouds came in and at the rain started and everyone had to run for cover. The Residents Association’s thanks go to everyone who attended, those who donated prizes etc and to the subcommittee headed by Kirsty McPherson and Sharron Lamont and all the other members of the committee who really did organise a special day for every one.

This week sees many celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the Queen succeeding to the throne. There is an overlooked anniversary happening at the same time which has a more local connection, however. With the Queen taking up her position that automatically made her young son the Earl of Carrick.  The title emerged in 1186 and was inherited by Robert the Bruce who was born at Turnberry and would later rule Scotland as King Robert I, causing the earldom to merge into the Crown.  more

            In 1469, the Scots Parliament passed an Act declaring that the eldest son of the King and heir to the throne would hold the Earldom, along with the Dukedom of Rothesay. The current earl is HRH Prince Charles. In 1952, Maybole Town Council recognised this and as Maybole was the ancient capital of Carrick sent an Address of Loyalty to the young prince, who was born on 14th November 1948. By a strange coincidence Maybole was created a burgh on 14th November 1516! The Address was sent from the Council to the Secretary of State for Scotland for presentation to His Royal Highness Prince Charles in due course. It read-


To His Royal Highness the Prince and Steward of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay and Cornwall, Earl of Carrick, Lord of the Isles and Baron of Renfrew:


            May it please your Highness,


            We, the Provost, Magistrates and Councillors of the Burgh of Maybole, in council assembled, humbly offer to your Royal Highness, for ourselves and in the name of the people of our Burgh, the assurance of our loyalty, with the expression of our lively pleasure that the ancient and historic title of earl of Carrick, belonging to the eldest son of the reigning Sovereign, is auspiciously revived in your Royal Highness’ person.


            As inhabitants of this town, founded in the year 1516 as a Burgh of Barony by charter from your ancestor King James the Fifth of happy memory, and for many years the head Burgh of the former Bailiary of Carrick, we take pride in recalling that the earldom of Carrick is the oldest of all the titles to which your Royal Highness has succeeded through the accession to the Crown of your Royal Mother, Her Most Gracious Majesty, the Queen.


            The title of Earl of Carrick has descended to your Royal Highness from your ancestor King Robert the First, of happy and glorious memory, whose mother, the Lady Marjory, in her own right Countess of Carrick, brought it to the royal house of Scotland and subsequently of Great Britain; and the superiority of the lands of Carrick remains to this in appanage of the Prince and Steward of Scotland.


            To your Royal Highness, as feudal superior of the earldom of Carrick in which we live, we pledge our faithful allegiance, with the service of our hearts, lives and fortunes. And we devoutly pray Almighty God to bless your Royal Highness with health and happiness in the enjoyment of this and all other titles, dignities, and lands which are rightfully yours as Prince and Steward of Scotland and Heir Apparent to the British Crown.


            Lastly, we humbly desire that at some future time we may have the felicity of renewing this assurance of our loyalty to the earl of Carrick in person by welcoming Your Royal Highness in this town, which the last Earl of Carrick, afterwards His Majesty King Edward VIII was graciously pleased to visit in 1926.


            Signed in our name and by our appointment at Maybole, the 2nd day of June, 1952


            James T. Gray, Provost


Another Address of Loyalty, also dated June 2, congratulating Her Majesty the Queen on her accession to the Crown, was forwarded to the Secretary.