Bench In Memory of Alex and Marion McDowall
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Alex and Marion McDowall - Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Photo shows two of their sons David (standing) and John

" Ye may gang farther and fare waur"

Regular visitors to the Memorial Park in Maybole, especially those who pass the swing park, now have the opportunity to take time out on a newly erected bench . This commemorative seat is in memory of two Minniebolers Alex and Marion McDowall who enjoyed more than 60 years of married life in the town. For Alex, or Sanny as he was perhaps better known locally, the above inscription from around the old well near the West Parish Church was a guide for life. In 1938 Alex went to Glasgow as an 18 year bricklayer in search of work; he also found Marion, the love of his life.

After service in North Africa and Italy with the Seaforth Highlanders, Alex made his way back to Maybole with his wife and son. He then set about building his family and serving the community as Clerk of Works and then as a Town and County councillor. Marion was the quietly supportive wife who kept home and family together whilst Alex was busy with his civic duties.  Sadly, both have passed on but the family was given permission by South Ayrshire Council to erect the bench in memory of two people who loved Maybole.