Webmaster Visits Home of his Ancestors
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David Kiltie, Rich Pettit with whisky glasses and Michael Connell

Eddie Glass shows the Pettit family the bell created in 1696

Maybole’s webmaster Rich Pettit visited the birthplace of his ancestors recently and was presented with a pair of whisky glasses etched with the Castle and the Town Hall. The presentation was made by Michael Connell, vice chair and secretary of Maybole Community Council, as a token of appreciation for the work Rich has done as the web site enters its 15th year of existence.


The town’s web master lives in Clearwater, Florida and was visiting Maybole with his wife Elaine and son Mark. He thanked Michael for the gift and explained that, for various reasons including family and work commitments, he has been unable to keep the web site as up to date as it was a year or so ago when it was regularly attracting a million page hits per month.


While here he had the opportunity to discuss what was needed for the future and will be back in touch soon with some proposals. Maybole’s web site www.maybole.org started in August 1999. On the site Rich says, “This site was started out of a desire to share with other family history researchers the information I had gathered about my ancestral home of Maybole.


“Shortly after posting a few pages of the site to the Internet I was contacted by David Kiltie, Chairman of the Maybole Community Council. “David asked if I was ‘prepared to see the site expanded?’  And so it has been. What you see today is the result of the cooperative involvement of the residents of Maybole, Maybole's Internet community at large and in no small measure David Kiltie.”