September 2000
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Week of Sept 29th 2000

arhtritis.jpg (77035 bytes) An afternoon tea in Maybole Town Hall raised a super 2,600 for the Arthritis Research Campaign. amateurs2.gif (50370 bytes) HOLDERS CRUISING
HOLDERS Maybole coasted to victory in this second round Ayrshire Cup clash. And goal-poacher supreme Matt Mullan grabbed a hat-trick, as well as setting up the other strike.
lookingback.gif (37603 bytes) 100 YEARS AGO: A meeting of Maybole Brass Band committee appoints John Morrison of Waterside as conductor.

Week of Sept 22nd 2000

hissoctyandalpha.jpg (78702 bytes) Murray makes it a first again!
MAYBOLE Historical Society got off to a great start last year with a talk by Murray Cook on 1,000 years of the town's history.
lookback.gif (29288 bytes) LOOKING BACK
100 YEARS AGO: Maybole School Board agrees these annual salary increases for assistants: 10 for Miss Bell, Cairn School, 5 each for Mr Gibson and Misses Tweedily ...
cairn1.jpg (54150 bytes) MAYBOLE'S Cairn Primary School Board held its first annual dance last week ... alpha.gif (47364 bytes) Alpha course supper.
ALPHA is coming to Maybole - with an open invitation to all.

Week of Sept 15th 2000

eddie.jpg (120440 bytes) Pupils sing 'So Long, Farewell' to Eddie the jannie.
TEARS were shed when Maybole's smallest school said farewell to its jannie of 15 years.
care2.jpg (19664 bytes) MAYBOLE Carers Forum has presented 350 to the Ayrshire Hospice. The cash came from 1,700 raised by the group in a successful week in the charity shop in Maybole High Street.
carrick-2.gif (26222 bytes) FORMER PUPILS LINE UP TO ENTERTAIN AT DANCE. Music by the Haze. trefoil.gif (11549 bytes) THE opening meeting of Maybole Trefoil Guild's new season ...
petrolcriss.gif (21789 bytes) Petrol crisis hits hard as garages run out. The fuel crisis was biting hard in Carrick this week, with Maybole's garage empty and Girvan garages rapidly running out. backandcrisis.gif (28765 bytes) LOOKING BACK
100 YEARS AGO: Maybole keep up their good record in the annual friendly bowling match against Prestwick.

Week of Sept 8th 2000

fete.gif (24186 bytes)

A WELLIE GOOD DAY AT THE CHURCH FETE fete3.jpg (56658 bytes) A welcome cuppa for this group inside the church hall.

fete5.jpg (43230 bytes)

Here's those wellies, about to be chucked! fete4.jpg (33017 bytes) What would any fete be without a baking and preserves stall.

fete1.jpg (66893 bytes)

A group of youngsters fresh  from the face-painting stall. fete2.jpg (62790 bytes) The plant stall was a star attraction in the fine weather.

Week of Sept 1st 2000

schools1.jpg (83123 bytes) Hannah's now in the same class as her UNCLE William!
YOUNG Hannah Kaye skipped a generation last week when she moved into the same class at school as her UNCLE. Hannah (9) joined St.Cuthbert's Primary in Maybole after she and mum Jackie flitted from England to Crosshill in May.
schools4.jpg (55600 bytes)


gardenrosep1-2.jpg (55043 bytes)


schools2.jpg (37974 bytes)


gardenrosep1.jpg (60506 bytes)


par5.jpg (36197 bytes) BILLY IS UP TO PAR AT MAYBOLE
THERE was a good turnout for annual Par 5 open at Maybole with competition hot.
janice.jpg (37964 bytes) Janice cashes in at two races.
MAYBOLE guest house landlady Janice McKellar has achieved two first places in the past week - one in a road race, and one in a hill race.
steeple.jpg (86182 bytes) IT was a tall order but three Maybole lads were up to the task of raising cash for their church's steeple repair fund. swimmer.jpg (65649 bytes) Loch swimmer Lynn can go the distance. DAILLY'S Lynn Donnachie has the potential to be a top long-distance swimmer, says her coach.

carnegie2.gif (57287 bytes)

THE 750,000 restoration of Maybole's Carnegie Library is a 'pet project' of South Ayrshire Council leader Councillor Andy Hill, says a Tory opponent.