Charity Dive In for May-Tag
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Karen and Lauren Dive In for May-Tag. Karen Jess, 19, and Lauren Scott, 18, have volunteered to take part in a charity skydive which will help raise funds for May-Tag projects.

The two girls from Maybole are willing to put their fears on hold and jump out of a plane at the event near Stirling in October, to ensure that projects like Maybole One Stop Shop and Access can raise funds to carry on their valuable work with the community in Maybole and the villages. To cover the costs of the jump, which is organised by Momentum Scotland, the girls have to meet the fundraising target of 400 each.

If you would like to help them, you can sponsor them by dropping in to Maybole One Stop Shop or Access, and making a donation. Photos of the day will be available on the May-Tag website and in the local papers.