First Edition of The Maybole Chronicle - Saturday, October 20, 1923
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The first edition of The Maybole Chronicle was published the 20th of October, 1923. At a price of One Penny it was stated to circulate in Crosshill, Kirkmichael, Kirkoswald and Straiton. This is the only edition of this newspaper known to exist. Were there any more editions? We don't know. Perhaps a site visitor can tell us.  Please contact us if you have an answer to this.  Click on the images below or the text links to view each of the four pages. Small images will load quicker, the large images are better for reading the text.

Excerpts from Page 1

A Terrible Tragedy in life befalls the man of woman who doesn't know how or where to spend Money to the Best Advantage but by making your Purchases Direct at "Ye Olde Outfitting Establishment of Wright" you eliminate all risk.

If Winter Comes, and you are not may mean the flu. Avoid this by getting good underwear. Buy the Wolsey. Sold by T. Hicks, Outfitter. 80 High Street Maybole.

Notice: Maybole & District Licensed Trade Defence Association. To Maybole Electors. Do Not Form Opinions until you have heard both sides. We are arranging series of Meetings to inform you, without Passion, Prejudice or Personalities the other view of the case....


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Excerpts from Page 2

Our Foreword. (And last word?) For some time past we have been urged to issue a purely local paper. After reviewing the prospects and hearing the opinions of leading men in all walks of life, we have decided a local paper is a felt want; hence the "Maybole Chronicle" makes it debut today.

Carrick Cinema Maybole. Comfortable and Respectable. The Wonderful Child Actor, Jackie Coogan, will be screened in "Oliver Twist,' Jackie's greatest success.

CANADA has both FREE LAND and CHEAP LAND. Farms Can Be Had on Easy Rent Purchase Terms. You Can thus Readily Become YOUR OWN LANDLORD.


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Excerpts from Page 3

MAYBOLE AND TEMPERANCE. MEETING OF WOMEN ELECTORS. ROUSING ADDRESS BY CANADIAN LADY.  Under the auspices of Maybole Citizens' No-License Association, a meeting of the women electors of Maybole was held in the Hall of Kincraig U.F. Church, Maybole.

All communications regarding forthcoming events, advertisements, notices and enquires should be made to Mr. W.A. Kelly, John Knox Street, Maybole. ..Printed and published by Thomas Gourlay 33 Hamilton Street, Girvan.

AMAZING RESCUE. NINE DAYS' ORDEAL IN FLOODED PIT. Few more thrilling stories have ever been told than that of the rescue of five of the miners entombed in the flooded pit at Redding, in Stirlingshire.


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Excerpts from Page 4

CARRICK ACADEMY QUESTION. RATEPAYERS' PROTEST MEETING. Scathing Criticisms by Provost Fairlie. Trenchant Speech by Mr. Wm. D. M'Cubbin. A public meeting of the inhabitants of Maybole and district, organised by Mr. William D. M'Cubbin Lochlands, and Mr. David Watret, Maybole, was held in Town Hall, Maybole .. for the purpose of protesting against the undue delay in the provision of a new school for Maybole in room of Carrick Academy, which was destroyed by fire in March, 1919.

SPORTS AND PASTIMES. FOOTBALL. Girvan Juniors travelled to Dalmelington on Saturday .... The field was in a terrible state with mud. Ill feeling early crept into the game, and a player on either side got marching orders.  Girvan led to within ten minutes of the finish when bad decisions on the part of the referee allowed the home team to snatch a victory.


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