Automatic Image Resizing & How to Turn it Off
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Recent versions of MS Internet Explorer have an Auto Image Resize feature which automatically resizes a large graphic to fit within the current browser window. This often reduces the quality of the resized image and may cause text found in many of the images on this site to be unreadable, especially with articles from the newspaper or captioned photos. You can revert to the full-sized image by hovering over the lower right corner of the resized image and clicking the icon that appears, but we suggest  that you turn Auto Image Resize off

To turn off automatic resize go to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.

  • Click on Internet Options at the bottom of the menu. You will then see seven tabs at the top of a dialog box.

  • Click on the last one which is the Advanced options. Under this tap you will see lots of boxes with descriptions. Some will be checked and others not.

  • Scroll down to the Multimedia section. A line in that section should read - Enable Automatic Image Resizing.

  • Uncheck the box and click on Ok at the bottom of the window.

  • You're finished and can go back to viewing images in the format they were meant to be seen.


Site Visitors using AOL should be aware that if they are using the default AOL browser, many of the images on this site will be compressed by the AOL browser and will not be seen at their best quality. There are many web pages which explain this effect and how to turn off the image compression in AOL. Here are a few sites that give a good explanation of this.


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