Eisenhower at Maybole and Culzean Castle
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Dwight Eisenhower spent holidays at Culzean Castle with his family and friends and was a frequent visitor to Maybole which he always considered, as he said, "his Scottish hometown". On Saturday, 5th October, 1946, the Freedom of the Burgh was conferred on him by the townspeople. President Eisenhower, in his remarks after the ceremony, said he would "always consider himself a true Minnieboler, if not by birth, at least by adoption".

Photo right: General Eisenhower at Maybole Town Hall. Contributed by Norman McIntyre.  Click on the image and those below to view them full size.

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Crowd gathered in Maybole to hear
General Eisenhower in October 1946

Eisenhower at Culzean Castle Sept 1959

Contributed by Freda Potter Larger image

Eisenhower at Culzean Castle

Contributed by Freda Potter Larger image

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When the Kennedy family donated the Culzean Castle to the National Trust in 1945, they asked that the top floor be given to General Eisenhower as a thank you from the people of Scotland for his wartime service. The top floor of the magnificent castle was given to the General for his lifetime. Ike first came in 1946 and was clearly touched to accept this gift. He visited the Castle three more times, once as President, when, for a short time, Culzean was his Scottish White House. His longest stay was during his retirement when he enjoyed painting and walking in the woodlands and by the shore and, of course, playing golf in the area where the sport originated. The Eisenhower Apartment is now available for those wishing to stay at the Castle. Update: A display honouring a man who once led the free world has been removed from Culzean Castle.

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Watercolour of Culzean Castle
 by General Eisenhower

National Trust Ltr contr. Freda Potter


Recently, we carried an article on President Eisenhower’s connections to Carrick and invited readers to send in any photos of his time here. One of the photos received shows a young Norma Rodger talking to the President outside Kirkoswald Church. The Minister is Mr Irvine, and the tall girl with the black hat is his daughter.  Does anyone know who else is in the photo? Also, there is a photograph (shown at right) of Dwight Eisenhower with former Provost of Maybole Mrs. Sarah Dunn.  In addition, more information and photos have been provided by Norry Welch ( see article below) who is an American, recently moved to England, who has just received an MS degree in Sustainable Heritage from  University College, London. See more at  President Eisenhower’s connections to Carrick


This photo was given to Jim Sym at Culzean Castle by Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower where he had played for them several times during their visits there. The picture is signed by both of them. It appears to be an official photo perhaps taken at Prestwick Airport. Site visitor Tom McCleary has a similar photo taken at another angle and tells us that it was taken in 1961 during the Eisenhower's visit to the castle. Click on the image to view full size.


The letter below was written from Culzean Castle, Maybole, by First Lady Mamie to Ann and Art Nevins, who were the caretakers of their Gettysburg Farm in Pennsylvania, USA. The 14th of November, 1951 was Mamie's 55th birthday.


"Dearest Ann and Art,
        In case you never re'cd my letter from Scotland I will write you again on the Castle note paper. Some one told me that a plane with U.S. mail had crashed shortly after my mail went out. Maybe that was why my letter didn't reach you or Mary--well, the 14th has come and gone. I thank you both for the lovely black half slip and the cute card--did the letter come from the Shop? Ike invited 36 for buffet supper--aides, mrs. and officers and Mike from the Columbine palace. Our old celebrants, Synders, Gunthers and Nowards--a 'tres gay' party with music and dancing. You should have seen Alice. We did Miss little 'Mom' so much tho. The men in the Columbine gave me a set of rings with my initials and the name Colubmia. . .All the UN are here plus the folks in Rome Conference, so we're swamped with visitors. Bradley's are here
(Gen. Omar Bradley) again but only saw them at Harriman (ex Secretary of Commerce Averill Harriman) dinner other nite. Perle Mesta (famed international hostess) is due here to-morrow and the Blacks are here really doing Paris in a big way. They are coming out to spend day to-morrow plus Dick Watson--Tom's son from N.Y. Have been writing like mad all day so this will be short. i do thank you in your thought. We missed you very much. I gave several silent toasts to my old pals. Hugs & kisses.     


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