Photos of Maybole
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The photographs of Maybole in this gallery were taken by Brian Wotherspoon using a digital camera. They are of extraordinary quality and although some are duplicates of others on this page and other pages, they are presented here so that they may be viewed and appreciated for the superb images they are. Click on the small images below to view the photographs.

Mcastle2c.jpg (57286 bytes) Townhall3c.jpg (28627 bytes) Mcastle5c.jpg (79997 bytes) Townhall2c.jpg (56674 bytes) RailwayBridge1c.jpg (90096 bytes)
Maybole Castle Town Hall Maybole Castle
Large Scale Image
Town Hall
Large Scale Image
Railway Bridge with Greenside ahead
Mcastle3c.jpg (80956 bytes) Townhall1c.jpg (56501 bytes) PostOffice1c.jpg (45776 bytes) Carrick2c.jpg (18495 bytes) Carrick1c.jpg (58964 bytes)
Maybole Castle Town Hall Post Office Carrick Academy Carrick Academy
MayboleHS2c.jpg (76061 bytes) JNstreet1c.jpg (81376 bytes) JNplaque1c.jpg (28464 bytes) JNstreet2c.jpg (66795 bytes) StOswald4c.jpg (67819 bytes)
High Street John Knox Street Site of John Knox House John Knox Street St. Oswald Church
StOswald3c.jpg (74315 bytes) StOswald1c.jpg (48851 bytes) MayboleOldSset1c.jpg (30131 bytes) MayboleOldSset2c.jpg (22811 bytes) MayboleOldCh1c.jpg (25092 bytes)
St. Oswald Church St. Oswald Church Maybole Old Church Maybole Old Church Maybole Old Church Sign
MayboleWest1c.jpg (52278 bytes) MayboleWest2c.jpg (57363 bytes)

MayboleWestSign1c.jpg (38366 bytes)

MayboleMap.jpg (128248 bytes) sign1c.jpg (19828 bytes)
MayboleRoad1c.jpg (24583 bytes)
Mayboleroad2c.jpg (30940 bytes)
Maybole West Church Maybole West Church Maybole West Church Sign Maybole Map Maybole  Road Signs
Memorial2c.jpg (22392 bytes) Memorial1c.jpg (20696 bytes) MemorialandKildoon.jpg (21332 bytes) Memorial3c.jpg (38396 bytes) Memorial_plate1c.jpg (92058 bytes)
Memorial5c.jpg (58171 bytes)
War Memorial War Memorial War Memorial War Memorial Memorial Plate

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