Places about Maybole
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The photographs of  Places about Maybole in this gallery were all taken by Brian Wotherspoon using a digital camera. They are of extraordinary quality and although some are duplicates of others on this page and other pages, they are presented here so that they may be viewed and appreciated for the superb images they are. Click on the small images below to view the photographs.

CulzeanCastleSunset.jpg (26878 bytes) BultCastleSunset.jpg (21845 bytes) CrossraguelAbbyNight.jpg (43276 bytes) CrossraguelAbbyNight2.jpg (45019 bytes) CarrickAcademyNight.jpg (39319 bytes)
Culzean Castle Baltersan Castle Crossraguel Abbey Crossraguel Abbey Carrick Academy
CulzCastle3c.jpg (45611 bytes) Arch2Culzean1c.jpg (73043 bytes) CulzArch1c.jpg (89404 bytes) CulzOldStable1c.jpg (74012 bytes) CulzEntranceBridge1c.jpg (74098 bytes)
Culzean Castle Culzean Arch Culzean Arch Culzean Old Stable Culzean Bridge
CulzCastle6c.jpg (91676 bytes) CulzCastle1c.jpg (80146 bytes) CulzCastle2c.jpg (55972 bytes) CulzCastle5c.jpg (90749 bytes) CulzCastle4c.jpg (73145 bytes)
Culzean Castle Culzean Castle Culzean Castle Culzean Castle Culzean Castle
CastleShop1c.jpg (67832 bytes) CulzeanSign1c.jpg (37427 bytes) DunCastle1c.jpg (29914 bytes) DunCastle2c.jpg (53352 bytes) DunCastle3c.jpg (67544 bytes)
Culzean Castle Shop Culzean Sign Dunure Castle Dunure Castle Dunure Castle Sign
crossr6c.jpg (62218 bytes) crossr7c.jpg (90545 bytes) crossr8c.jpg (47042 bytes) crossr2c.jpg (30381 bytes) crossr4c.jpg (34171 bytes)
Crossraguel Abbey Crossraguel Abbey Crossraguel Abbey Crossraguel Abbey Crossraguel Abbey
crossr1c.jpg (84240 bytes) ElecSign1c.jpg (23927 bytes) ElecSign2c.jpg (65754 bytes) ElecSign3c.jpg (52346 bytes) ElectricBrae3c.jpg (66049 bytes)
Crossraguel Abbey Electric Brae Electric Brae Electric Brae Electric Brae
ElecSign4c.jpg (67433 bytes) ElecSign5c.jpg (55853 bytes)      
Electric Brae Electric Brae      


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